WHERE - there are deficiencies in an EXISTING IRRIGATION SYSTEM the superintendent or groundskeeper will usually experience an increase in water consumption, soil erosion problems, excessive pavement repair and poor plant and turf quality. All of these factors mentioned previously, contribute to higher maintenance cost for your property. An LTS Landscape Irrigation Audit will include a comprehensive Irrigation System SITE INSPECTION and complete irrigation SYSTEM FIELD UNIFORMITY TEST.

WHEN- YOU allow LTS to perform an IRRIGATION AUDIT, the superintendent or groundskeeper will have reliable information available that determines the actual IRRIGATION SYSTEM PERFORMANCE. By eliminating guess work and rule of thumb an LTS LANDSCAPE IRRIGATION AUDIT will determine where you may have deficiencies in your irrigation system. ( ie.. pressure problems, inadequate head spacing, insufficient water supply or defective system components).

HOW - An LTS LANDSCAPE IRRIGATION SYSTEM AUDIT will provide you with an irrigation schedule to match the system precipitation rate, soil intake rate, topographic conditions, turf irrigation requirements , plant hydrozones and climatic conditions specific to YOUR site. But more importantly, AN LTS IRRIGATION AUDIT will assist you in determining WHERE, WHEN and HOW OFTEN ... TO IRRIGATE.

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